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This catalog has taken many years to complete; each piece has tens of hours of work behind it, from getting inspiration to consolidating that inspiration into a certain design and then giving that design life through a computer model that can be 3D printed and casted in gold with precious gems like diamonds, rubies, sapphires or emeralds but none of this is complete without the expert craftsmanship and touch of our jewelers who more than professionals are artisans of their craft.

This wedding bands catalog is the result of merging technology with expert craftsmanship. Each one of these pieces can be modified to be made in the gold of your preference, white, rose or yellow, 10k, 14k, 18k or even 22k.

We love to work with our customers and add meaning to their pieces, sometimes we have customers request their rings to be made with the gold of pieces that they inherited from loved ones, this is possible and we encourage it.

We invite you to visit our diamond education section so you can be more informed and understand diamonds which will make you make a better decision when purchasing one for your engagement or wedding rings.

Prices for our rings start at 500$ per ring, depending on gold Kt and gems prices will increase, for information on this specific model please leave your contact information here or contact us at
786-458-7494 or email

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