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Choose the diamond you want to give her, the stone will be the soul of your ring and where most of the expense goes, there are many sizes, colors and shapes. Historically the most conservative and popular has been the round colorless diamond, but if you are one of those who wants to give something uncommon that nobody has and something that will stand out of the crowd we have good news for you, there are about nine more diamond shapes you can chose from for your ring and we have the listed and on display right below.




The right cut will guarantee sparkle on a diamond; a well cut diamond sets aside from a one the same quality that has been cut too deep or too shallow. Out of the four C's the cut is the only determined by a person, all three others, clarity, color and ct are determined by nature. The cut will give that brilliance that will make your diamond a true enchanting gem. Please note that the cut is not the shape of the diamond but the angles and proportions given to it by the cutter.


The clarity of a diamond is determined by the presence or absence of inclusions and blemishes a diamond has, the better purity a diamond has the rarer it is, and this affects directly its price. What are the flaws in diamonds? inclusions, blemishes, we sometimes find carbons trapped inside diamonds and sometimes marks inside or on the diamond these type of imperfections affect the price of the gem.

The clarity scale for most commercial diamonds is usually from SI2 which means that if you use a microscope you will be able to find inclusions but will be very hard to find them with the naked eye to VS1 where inclusions are very difficult to find even with a gemologist microscope.

Carat Weight

Gems are measured by weight and this factor determines the weight of a cut diamond, such weight is measured in Ct or carats, where 1.0ct is equal to 0.2gr. The most common weight chosen by buyers is 1.0ct stones for engagement rings followed by 0.5ct and 0.75ct in third place, last but not least we find that almost 10% of shoppers go for 1.75ct diamonds or higher.


Colorless diamonds are the most expensive, the color factor plays great role on pricing a gem, colorless diamonds are very rare and extremely hard to find, when shopping for a diamond that you want to have the least color for the fairest price shop at least for a “H” grade diamond, you want to buy a diamond that goes from grade H to D, D being totally colorless and H near colorless to the naked eye.


Choosing the ring is one of the nicest and easiest things of the process, and we on top of that have some tips on it. Let’s say you want a conservative and more traditional model but you do not wish to give to your beloved one something that is available in any jewelry store or on the internet. We will take that model and add or take and transform it into something that conserves the charm of the earlier ring with a touch of redesign and originality over the previous one, again, always keeping the main idea of the first one. If your stuff is about making something totally different, we will do it, we love doing 100% custom work.

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