Our business is more about you, your ideas and wishes, that is why we come to you when is most convenient for you. After requesting an appointment(link) with our representative you will receive a confirmation call within 24 hrs, where time and date will be set according to your convenience. In this meeting our representative will discuss with you the models you have in mind, gems, settings, estimated manufacturing time, quote and payment plans.

Within 10 days from the date of this meeting we will send you a digital 3D prototype of your ring which you will review and accept or if any change is needed to be done we will fix it for you.

Printing out the 3D model with the latest 3D printing technology will be the second step to have your custom piece, once this is done and the physical prototype is ready your piece will be hand detailed by a master jeweler who will have it ready for the casting process.

For casting we use gold with the minimum or no percentage of alloy in it, we oppose to the use of alloy in gold because it makes gold pieces crack and it does not let you melt and cast your gold over a number of times. If your piece is white gold we will use 18% to 20% of palladium in it to make it white gold without the need of any rhodium plating that after a while could fade resulting in a yellowish color on what is supposed to be a white gold piece.

After we have casted your piece we will do a review on, clean any imperfection and have it ready for finishing where a master jeweler will check porosity, set stones, and polish, after so settings are reviewed and put to test to make sure your stones are well set, safe and will resist impacts.