What is the designing and manufacturing time for a custom made engagement ring?

It usually take us 3 weeks to 25 five continuous days, to completely finish a custom piece, sometimes takes us less than three weeks depending on the complexity of the model. If you choose a ring from our catalog we guarantee your ring in 12 to 15 days, rings are made up on request.

Can I choose a payment plan?

Yes, payment plans are arranged according to the price of the piece and the possibilities of the customer and the company.

We normally work with 50% down to start the job and 1 payment of 50% once the piece is ready in a period of three months after the first payment. Another option we give to customers is 40% down and two payments of 30% each in a period of three months after the first payment is done.

We accept scrap gold at market price as a payment method.

The ring I want will be made is in white gold, will the silver color fade into a golden color and will need a rhodium treatment?

Our rings are manufactured with the precise amount of palladium and gold for it to never need a rhodium plating ever, your white gold ring will never need a rhodium plate.

Once I order my ring, could I change for another model?

Yes you could within the first 10 days, after so you would need to contact us and we will analyze and arrange to what you want, they are usually possible after this period, expect miracles from us.

After I buy the ring, will I be able to resize it if the size was wrong?

Yes we resize it at no cost.

The ring I want to give is not with a diamond but with an emerald (or another precious stone), do you set other gems other than diamonds?

Yes, we do, we also sell other high end gems, so if you have something different in mind we will supply.

Do you give certificates of the gems you sell?

Yes, we work with GIA and EGL, depending on which you choose and the quality of the gem the price may vary.