We are a jewelry design studio
based in Miami, FL


We are a jewelry design studio based in Miami, FL that focuses on designing and manufacturing custom engagement rings, we will make come true our clients ideas, and if they have none we will give you ideas to choose from. We produce models that will be loyal to our customer’s desired designs and also have life long lasting diamond settings and quality.

As a jewelry manufacturing and design studio our biggest offer for our clients is giving them complete freedom to design and customize the model they want., a genuine piece that only you will show.

After years of experience in the jewelry industry we have come to a point where we are able to combine taste and functional design with lasting manufacturing quality, each one of our pieces are crafted using the latest technology in 3D printing and skilled and experienced artisans are in charge of casting, finishing and hand setting each stone of every ring we produce. Sometimes some of our pieces will be entirely handmade depending on a model’s demand.

We strive to educate our customers onto what jewelry and gemology concerns, we strongly encourage our clientele to ask us any question they have on the ring they want to give or receive as well as its diamonds.

For us, business is building long time relationships with our customers, that is why we focus most on quality of our product more than any other thing, we take the time to visit and listen to our clients ideas of a perfect ring but we also guide them to a functional design, something that will last and look perfect throughout a lifetime.